My art serves as an emotional diary. Sometimes the expression is raw and palatable, laid out on the canvas, exposing my inner core like an open book. Other times it is contained, packaged tidily in geometric abstractions or meditative blocks of color.

I am very affected by the political climate of today. Rage, frustration and fear have been constant companions over the past year and a half. I even set my art work aside for some time to engage politically.  However, I found the need to return to the retreat of my studio, to express the intensity of my emotion and also find a place to set it aside. I have thus vacillated wildly between abstract expressionism and minimalism, between work that is keeping the emotion between the lines and letting it out. Much of the time my work contains elements of each: if you look closely you can see the journey on the canvas, how I found the need to reign in expression that became too fraught, or how I needed to find a release in work that was too contained.