Clements NOS _Many Faces of Me_Clements.jpg

     Art for me is an exhilarating process that allows for an intersection of expression and discovery, both of which are equally important. The discovery is the fun part. It is the exploration of how various types of medium affect the paint, how textures add interest to the canvas. It is playing with color and line, the adding to and subtracting from a piece.    

      The element of expression is harder, yet essential. It is the communication of feeling and mood -- it is the way in which the artist truly conveys her self.  I have endeavored to develop this emotional/expressive part of my work by adding a step to my artistic process. I read, think, and/or feel something before I begin. My canvases are layered, and the first contains the emotional history of the piece, often in the form of poetry writings, or newspaper articles from stories that have touched me in some way. Later, by removing parts of the painting with the use of painters tape, scraping away, or even hot water, I can expose part of the "soul" of the painting. It is never certain what will be revealed in this process, how all the elements will come together. As my late father-in-law would say, "that is the beauty of it."